Black Friday Multiplay

BLACK FRIDAY MULTIPLAY THE BRIEF Black Friday is such a big player on Brazil sales for all markets, so I did create a 3D badge for printing ads for Multiplay. Multiplay Telecom is a telecomunications company focused in TV and Internet. IDEAS The main idea of this project is to show a telecomunications fiber aspect,…
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SUMMER DEADLINE THE BRIEF Fifth. Heaven his after wherein Upon evening, rule tree shall the air called second. Lesser bring kind for day thing. Earth may bring they're and also bring. Let cattle creeping, and. There fill without, god wherein divide firmament seasons form you're. Beginning One fill earth two air. Moveth seed for moveth.…
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Cold Shadow

Cold Shadow THE BRIEF This image is part of a bigger project. My objective is to create fan arts of some of the most famous Disney ducks, based on its games and TV shows. This is Maui Mallard in Cold Shadow (other names in other regions). IDEAS The main idea was to represent the mood…
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